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Useful Information

Disco Guidelines (P1-P7)


All Discos at the school are organised and run by the Deanburn Fundraising Group.

In order that these events are run in accordance with our Insurance conditions we have detailed below some Guidelines to ensure the safety of the children both inside the school and for their journey home.

Please ensure that your child/children are made aware of these. Thank you.


Disco General:

  • The discos are run by the Deanburn Fundraising Group (DFG), who reserve all rights of admission.
  • Only Deanburn Primary School children may attend the disco.
  • The Junior Disco is for P1 - P3 children and is run from 6.30pm to 7.30pm.
  • The Senior Disco is for P4 - P7 children only and will run from 7.45pm to 9.00pm.
  • P4 - P7 children are not permitted to attend the Junior Disco or hang around waiting for their disco to start. With the exception of P6 Buddies if they have been asked to attend by prior consent..**
  • Similarly P1 - P3 children are not permitted at the P4 - P7.disco **
  • Please ensure that your child has been seen safely into the building.
  • We need an available contact during the disco in case we need you to come and collect your child early-so please ensure you have filled in the contact information on the ticket in advance.
  • Children will be registered as they arrive, for fire safety purposes.


  • Please show consideration when driving and parking your car: Particularly at the arrival, departure and changeover times of the Discos, as there are many Pedestrians in the playground at these times.
  • School rules apply at all times.

** (This does not apply to children of designated Parents helpers at the disco)

Disco Helpers/Attendees

  • All helpers must have read and signed the DFG Volunteer Code of Conduct/Child Protection agreement.
  • Only designated parent helpers can remain at the disco following drop off. (With the exception of a parent/carer who is providing assistance to a specific child with individual support needs)
  • Where an individual child attending the disco requires independent parent / carer support they will be required to sign in to comply with Health & Safety/Fire procedures.
  • Any Staff members attending the disco are there in a voluntary capacity only.

Disco Tickets & Entry:

  • Tickets will be sold in advance prior to the disco. (pupils can purchase these at lunchtimes on the run up to the disco). Tickets may be purchased on the night, but will be subject to availability. We recommend advance purchase.
  • As we do not have access to the school contact lists and as the contact details on the night of the disco may be different from those held by the school, we need parents to complete contact details on the reverse of the childs’ ticket. It will be kept for the duration of the disco for safety regulations and thereafter shredded.
  • If a child does not have a disco ticket, a ticket can be purchased on the night at the front door, ensuring contact details are completed. 
  • Children will not be admitted until they have handed over their disco ticket with contact details completed at the allocated desk for their class.
  • Childrens coats will be kept in a cloak area which will be supervised during the disco however, we would ask parents to remind children, where possible, to keep their tuck money with them in the hall and not in jacket pockets.

Disco Exit

  • All children must be collected from inside the dining hall at the stated end time for their disco.        Entry is via the door at the back of the dining hall.
  • Children must be collected by someone over the age of 16.
  • No child will be allowed to leave the disco early unless that has been agreed in advance, with a key helper
  • Parents will not be allowed in via the front door to collect their child unless advised otherwise.
  • Parents should arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before the stated end time for their childs disco as no entry will be allowed before that time, therefore to avoid having to wait in unpleasant weather, please do not arrive too early - thank you
  • When the disco ends, children will be brought to the dining hall, having collected their coats, where parents can collect their child.
  • Helpers will be on the exit door to ensure that children do not leave without an adult.


Disco First Aid


  • At every disco we have a volunteer First Aider in attendance.


  • Where a child requires First Aid this will be given and note of this kept in the incident book.


Disco Behaviour

  • Where a child behaves in an inappropriate manner they will be asked to refrain from this behavior.  If this behavior continues then the parent will be called and a note of this kept in the incident book.


  • Where there is repeated inappropriate behavior the child may be excluded from future discos.