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Care Inspectorate Report

Dec 2016

The Care Inspectorate regulates care services in Scotland. Information about all care services is available on our website at  This service was previously registered with the Care Commission and transferred its registration to the Care Inspectorate on 1 April 2011.

The Care Inspectorate is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of all children receiving a care service. We want to ensure they have the best start in life, are ready to succeed and live longer, healthier lives. We check services are meeting the principles of Getting it right for every child (also known as GIRFEC). Set up by Scottish Government, GIRFEC is a national approach to working in a consistent way with all children and young people. It is underpinned by the principles of prevention and early intervention. The approach helps services focus on what makes a positive difference for children and young people - and what they can do to improve. Getting it right for every child is being woven into all policy, practice, strategy and legislation that affect children, young people and their families. There are eight wellbeing indicators at the heart of Getting it right for every child. They are: safe; healthy; achieving; nurtured; active; respected; responsible; and included. They are often referred to as the SHANARRI indicators. We use these indicators at inspection, to assess how services are making a positive difference for children.

Deanburn Primary School Nursery is part of Falkirk Council's provision for pre-school education. The service is registered to provide morning and afternoon places for up to 45 children per session aged from 3 years to those not yet attending school. The service operates Monday to Friday during school term time. The nursery is managed by the Primary School Head teacher. Day to-day responsibility for the nursery lies with the teacher and senior early years officer with the support of the early years officers.

The accommodation comprised of a kitchen area, two open plan playrooms and cloakroom area. Since the last inspection, newly integrated toilet and changing facilities had been built. A secure outdoor area and local woods were used to provide children with outdoor learning experiences. The aims and objectives of the service reflect those of the Curriculum for excellence, based on enabling children to become confident individuals, successful learners, responsible citizens and effective contributors. A full statement is available in the nursery information booklet.

What people told us

Children were happy and confident in the setting. They enjoyed musical experiences facilitated by a music specialist and by a grandparent and being active through 'gym time' and outdoor experiences. They tasted haggis, neeps and tatties as they celebrated St Andrew's Day and helped to make cakes to sell at the Christmas fayre. Children told us about singing Scottish songs and about helping to put up the Christmas tree. We talked with seven parents and carers who commented positively about the service. They said they were happy with the outdoor opportunities available for children no matter what the weather was like. Effective communication kept them informed about children's experiences and children were cared for in a happy nurturing environment. Parents told us about their involvement particularly enjoying the outdoor classroom experience for children. Comments made through the fifteen care standard questionnaires included: "My child has become a confident, enthusiastic and knowledgeable individual....." "The standard and level of service and support my family have received from Deanburn primary + staff is outstanding. All staff are approachable and helpful no matter what." "I love the idea outdoor classroom. Is available but this is only for pre schoolers. it would be good if it was opened up to all of the children." Self assessment Every year all care services must complete a 'self assessment' form telling us how their service is performing. We check to make sure this assessment is accurate.

From this inspection we graded this service as:

Quality of care and support 5 - Very Good

Quality of environment not assessed

Quality of staffing not assessed

Quality of management and leadership 4 - Good

What the service does well

At this inspection we focussed on outdoor learning experiences for children and how their health, wellbeing and safety needs were being met through effective personal planning. We found that outcomes for children were very good. Improvement in outdoor learning experiences had supported children to actively explore and learn about the outdoors. This enabled them to test themselves and their abilities in a physical manner and was an integral part of planning children's experiences in the setting. Effective communication resulted in staff getting to know children well and a wide range of information about each child being gathered. Regular consultation meant that children's changing needs were recognised, next steps agreed and plans implemented to support children to make progress and achieve their targets. Daily chats, parent meetings and written reports were some of the ways children's learning and achievements were shared. The aspect considered within quality of management and leadership was how self-evaluation improved the quality of the service. We concluded that this area of work is currently good. The setting has established good systems and processes that effectively evaluated aspects of the service and improved outcomes for children as a result. The use of 'How Good is our Early Learning and childcare' supported the staff team to evaluate the quality of the service using the quality indicators. Areas for improvement were identified as a result.

The views of families were valued in the setting through, for example, evaluating their experiences. Parents evaluated their experience of stay and play sessions and children were supported to evaluate a piece of music and the activities provided to celebrate St Andrew's Day.

We saw some delegation of roles and responsibilities including delivering physical activity in the gym hall and in delivering music experiences. This resulted in a shared approach to planning and delivering aspects of the service. What the service could do better Outdoor learning was planned effectively resulting in positive outcomes for children. The service identified the need to continue to improve the quality of the outdoor environment. We suggested that further development of natural resources and loose parts play is considered.

We observed positive experiences for children that supported them to develop their skills. However, we discussed how experiences could be further developed through effective planning and risk assessment. For example, the outdoor classroom experience could be planned to involve anti-pre-school children as well as pre-school children.

We saw some use of effective questioning to support children with problem solving and enabling them to lead their learning. The service was aware of the need to continue to develop this practice to ensure a collegiate approach across the team. A new calendar of planned and unplanned monitoring including audits of records and visits to the playroom was planned aiming to evaluate practice and improve as needed to keep children's experiences positive and safe.

We suggested that delegation of leadership is further developed so that there is a collegiate approach in ownership of taking improvement in the setting forward. The service was in the process of reviewing and developing the systems for recording how they tracked, monitored and evaluated children's progress taking account of the providers newly developed formats. Approaches were used to support children to reflect on and evaluate their experiences. We discussed ways that could be considered to further evidence children's involvement including, for example, through extending the use of floor books.

Requirements Number of requirements: 0

Recommendations Number of recommendations: 0

Complaints: There have been no complaints upheld since the last inspection. Details of any older upheld complaints are published at

Inspection report Inspection report for Deanburn Primary