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Deanburn Nursery class are learning how important it is to be Eco friendly.

Read about all the things we do...


We recycle -

  • paper
  • food waste
  • postage stamps

?We compost our garden waste too!


In nursery we try to -

  • not waste water
  • keep the lights off when not in nursery
  • regulate the temperature by adjusting the heating according to the weather
  • only take snack that we will eat


We re-use many items -

  • junk modelling
  • craft activities
  • second hand toys


There are many keen gardeners in Deanburn Nursery class.  We have enjoyed tidying up the garden and planting bulbs and new plants.  

We are growing our own strawberries and apples and have planted peas, lettuce and carrots ready for our return in August!