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Section One: Establishment Aims

In our establishment we aim to offer the highest quality service.

We will seek to:

Provide a curriculum that displays breadth and balance of learning opportunities based on ‘Curriculum for Excellence’ and which recognises each child’s Individuality, addresses their needs and develops their strengths.

Ensure that all children achieve their maximum potential in all aspects of their learning and development through appropriate challenging programmes of study, taking into account of their maturity and emotional development.

Ensure that the curriculum is delivered in a stimulating manner, using a variety of methods and with quality resources and through good staff/ child interaction challenge children to meet their full potential. To encourage personal responsibility for learning and independent thought. To assess and record progress and report this to parents in a meaningful way.

Support children and families by providing a range of activities and experiences and exhibiting a high level of pastoral care. To develop children’s appreciation of their own value and contribution they can make to society. To access outside agencies to support pupils and families as required.

Provide a safe, caring environment conductive to developing each child’s full potential, encouraging respect for property, fostering positive values towards others and developing the self-esteem and self discipline necessary to become a valued member of society.

Use nursery and school resources effectively in the planning and delivery of the curriculum, maximising on the skills and experiences of parents, staff and the wider community.

Ensure a structured and cohesive approach to Nursery and school developments through the preparation and implementation of Curriculum for Excellence. Through teamwork and effective leadership ensure new developments are taken forward with commitment, and that all staff are valued as members of Deanburn Class Nursery and employees of Falkirk Council.