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Other Information

Suggestions and complaints:

We are always anxious to maintain and improve our service. If you have any suggestions to make about the service, please contact the head of the establishment in the first instance. Similarly, if you have a complaint about any aspect of the service you should contact the establishment head. If you feel your complaint has not been satisfactory resolved with the establishment head, please contact the education officer for your area who is:

Director of Education:    

Andrew Sutherland Director of Education Falkirk Council

Sealock House

2 Inchyra Road


Tel: 01324 506681

Fax: 01324 506664


Please note:

Although this information is correct at the time of going live, there could be changes affecting any of the matters dealt with in it, either before your child’s placement begins or during the course of their placement. The head of establishment will tell you of any important changes to the information.