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Section One: Establishment Aims

.                     Medication

Section Two: General Information

.                     Names and job titles of our staff members

.                     Hours of opening

.                     Daily Session

.                     Length of year including details of holidays

.                     Admissions Policy

.                     Age range of children in the establishment

.                     Numbers of children at each daily session and patterns of attendance

.                     Suitable clothing

.                     Enrolment procedures

.                     Attendance

.                     Arrival and collection of children

.                     Insurance

.                     Excursions and consent forms

.                     Transport

.                     Emergency closure arrangements

.                     Emergency contacts

.                     Meals

.                     Snacks and the promotion of healthy eating habits

.                     Statement of No – Smoking Policy

.                     General information

Section Three: Medical Information.                     Medication

.                     If your child becomes ill

.                     Minor accidents and upsets.

.                     Visits to establishment by medical staff

Section Four: The Nursery Curriculum

.                     The aims of our curriculum

.                     How we promote learning

.                     What we do

.                     Assessment

.                     Reporting

.                     Supporting children with difficulties

.                     Working together to support learning

Section Five: Parental Partnership

.                     Establishment’s aims for the promotion of partnership

.                     Working with you

.                     Working together to promote positive behaviour

.                     Information on adult groups

.                     Fund-raising


Section Six:   The Wider Community

.                     The establishment and the community

.                     Services within the community 

.                     Links with primary schools

.                     Home School Partnership

Section Seven: Other information

.                     Suggestions and complaints

.                     Useful addresses

.                     Disclaimer on changes to information given