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Section Five: Parental partnership:

Our aims:

A successful and happy Nursery education is a partnership between home and school with each having something special to contribute.

We will at all times welcome you as an essential partner in your child’s education.

It is our aim that parents, children and staff have regular contact so that they can support each child’s individual development and work together to provide the quality service of education your child deserves.

Working with you:

On a daily basis Nursery staff will be available to meet you and talk on an informal basis. Formal interviews can be arranged at any time to discuss your child or any problems you may have.

Regular Newsletters informing you of activities/ events /outings etc. are issued throughout the year.

A parent notice board situated in the entrance area also highlights any forthcoming events. Parents are encouraged to help within the Nursery and at outings etc.

Working together to promote positive behaviour:

At all times Nursery staff strive to promote positive behaviour. This is done through example and an insistence on acceptable standards of behaviour. It is always done in a positive way, reinforcing and praising the good.

If there is a problem, you will be consulted at the earliest stage and a programme devised which will, hopefully, begin to correct anti-social behaviour. It may be that expert help is required and this may be provided by the School Medical Service, the Psychologist or Learning Support Unit.

You will always be consulted if there is to be a referral to any outside agency and fully informed of any progress.


At various times throughout the year fundraising activities are held in the Nursery. All funds raised are for the benefit of the children, and contribute to parties, outings, birthday cakes etc.

There is no compulsion to take part in fundraising events, but sponsor forms issued to parents must be accounted for.