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Deanburn Primary Parent Forum and Parent Council

What is the Parent Forum?


A Parent Forum is made up of all the parents or carers with a child at the school and all parents and carers are automatically members.  The Parent Forum is the body who should appoint the Parent Council to run matters on its behalf, and they also have the right to decide on their constitution; this should be done at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) or an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM).


What does being a member of the Parent Forum mean?


As a member, you can expect to:


  • have your views represented in an equal and fair way
  • be involved in deciding what the priorities are for the Parent Council, and how you can be involved in activities, such as sub committees etc
  • receive information about the activities and priorities of the the Parent Council
  • be asked for your opinion on issues relating to the school community
  • be told about opportunities you can be involved in the school
  • get information about what your child is learning
  • get information about events and activities at the school
  • have a say in selecting a Parent Council to work on behalf of all parents at your school


What is the Parent Council?


The Parent Council is a group of parents who represent all the parents and carers (Parent Forum) at a school. At Deanburn Primary the Parent Council is made up of office bearers and class representative posts. Any parent or carer, with a child at the school, can volunteer to take on any of these roles. The office bearers are selected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which is held in September every year and include a chairperson/s, vice chair, treasurer and secretary. The class representatives are selected at the beginning of the school year and are the link person for the parents and carers of that class, the class teacher, and the Parent Council.

Parents can be members of the Parent Council for as long as they choose.

Parent Councils can also invite members of the local community and school staff to join their Parent Council and Elected Members are also invited to attend meetings.


What is the purpose of having a Parent Council?


The main duty of the Parent Council is to represent the views of the parents and carers of children at the school.  The duties of a Parent Council are not laid down in legislation so it is up to each Parent Forum to decide what they want their Parent Council to do.  This should be detailed in the constitution.  The Parent Council will generally be involved in the following:


  • Ensuring all parents and carers of children at Deanburn, irrespective of culture, or background, are listened to, have their views represented and understand what the Parent Council does
  • Reporting back to the Parent Forum
  • Supporting the work of the school, for example, by advising the school on its policies
  • Involved in the appointment of senior staff
  • Organising events to support your child’s education, for example, literacy evenings, health and wellbeing workshops etc
  • Promoting links and contact between all parents, pupils, teachers, pre-school groups and the wider community
  • Discussing anything that is of interest to parents


Parent Council Members

Office Bearer Roles:

Joint Chairperson
Laura Shanks

Joint Chairperson
Gail Nash

I have a daughter in her last year at Deanburn and been involved with the Parent Council for the last eleven years. I attend Parent Council meetings to find out more about what is going on the school, to offer support to the school and to be informed and be able to influence decisions that affect my child’s education. 

Vice Chairperson
Steven Black

Karen Stein

Minute Secretary
Sarah Ballantine

Communications Secretary
Clare Doherty