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Curriculum for Excellence/Learning to Achieve Information

Curriculum for Excellence is the new name for the education system in Scotland, covering nurseries, schools, colleges and community learning. It covers the whole 'learning journey' from 3 to 18, and in some cases, beyond.

Curriculum for Excellence is about raising standards, improving knowledge and developing skills. It has been developed over time with the input of:

Curriculum for Excellence is about the best learning and teaching, how progress is assessed, and new qualifications. It has already been implemented in schools and nurseries in Falkirk Council. For an animated guide to Curriculum for Excellence in Falkirk, please click the following link:

The following leaflet has been produced to help parents better understand how their children will benefit from changes under Curriculum for Excellence as the new qualifications are introduced.

This information has been closely developed with the National Parent Forum of Scotland (NPFS) and will be sent to all parents of school children across Scotland. It covers information on Curriculum for Excellence, the key benefits for young people and examples of the different routes pupils can take throughout their education from age 3-18.

The Curriculum for Excellence/Learning to Achieve sections of the council website have recently been updated. There are more pages with information on different areas of Curriculum for Excellence. There are also links to national websites and the national publications.  Parents/Carers can use the following link to access this