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School Information Leaflets

We currently have a list of information leaflets available in school. Titles will be extended throughout the session. On page 2 of this section we have some curriculum leaflets for parents which are available to download.  If you would like a copy of any of the following they are available from the display stand in the main entrance area or on request from school:-
Deanburn Primary School Newsletter
Standards & Quality Report
Deanburn Primary School Leaflet
Parents Guide – Lets Stop Bullying Together
Learning to Achieve
Substance Abuse
Enquire – Additional Support for Learning
Parental Involvement Support Strategy
Your Right to Know
Welcome to P1
Keeping Your Child Safe on Our Roads
Trutex Schoolwear
Children Missing from Education
A Lifelong Learning Society
Barnardos Family Support Service
Educational Psychology Service – Information for Children and Young People
Head Lice Information (2 leaflets)
A Journey to Excellence
Non Attendance/Truancy – Parents Guide
Active Schools
How to Complain
The Big Plus
Curriculum for Excellence – A Guide for Parents
What Is an AifL School
Taste and Tell
Switch off @ School
Composite Classes
Internet – Acceptable Use Policy
Framework for Behaviour Policy
Access to Drinking Water
Parents as Partners – Mental Maths P1-P4 & P5-P7
Assessment is for Learning
Choosing a School
Out of School Learning
Healthy Choices
Active Living – Get Moving
A New Law to Support Parents
Parenting Handbook
Protecting Children and Young People
Active Learning in Primary 1